We believe strongly in protecting environmental resources. Deeply discounted intellectual property services are offered to individual inventors with concepts that will directly improve the environment through conservation or reclamation. In addition, we strive to minimize our own impacts through effective use of technology. For example, we accommodate client paperless office policies by utilizing electronic communications whenever possible. Baker & Associates PLLC has been recognized for its innovative environmental resource conservation through the e2 business certification.

Individual Inventors:

We recognize that obtaining and properly managing intellectual property assets is expensive and therefore routinely provide individual inventors with intellectual property information and resources that best accommodate their budgets. We offer free initial phone consultations to clients to help determine what forms of intellectual property may best accomplish their business objectives. We also offer free resources for inventors who cannot afford other forms of intellectual property.


We are committed to the promotion of youth education. We regularly speak at primary and secondary schools about careers in law, math, science, and engineering. If you are a teacher and believe your class would benefit from hearing about our work, please email describing your class, location, and ideal date for a presentation.