“Trent Baker took over the lion share of our patent prosecution work a few years ago and has continuously since then proven his value to our company.  We manufacture climbing and ski gear which generally involves complicated technicalities regarding both engineering and an over abundance of prior art.  Trent always seems able to find a pathway through all of the complications with the end result being not only a good working relationship but a successful and burgeoning patent component added to our business.   We recommend Trent  for, among other attributes, his insight, creativity, and drafting skills.” Richard S. Luskin – Director Legal Affairs – Black Diamond Equipment, Ltd.

“Trent Baker quickly understood the workings of the highly specialized devices, a task that clearly required a solid engineering background and significant research into the endosurgical field.  Baker & Associates constructed excellent patent protection for our valuable intellectual property in a timely fashion with reasonable fees that were not prohibitive for a startup company.  I would recommend Baker & Associates to any company or individual with simple or complex needs for intellectual property protection, as they are genuinely interested in the success of their clients’ work and keep it their top priority.” Adam J. Hansen, M.D.- President & CEO – AJ Hansen Corporation

“Trent has provided excellent service for my startup – I feel confident my intellectual property is appropriately protected. Trent continues to remind me of key dates and opportunities associated with my patent. Additionally he has provided valuable information for my own clients – information that helps me serve them better and ultimately know my own business better. I highly recommend him.” Jeff Wyatt – CEO – Pinion Engineering & Design, Inc.

“Trent has done an outstanding job helping my company with its patent needs as well as educating us on the patent process. Unlike other patent firms, Trent understands what we are trying to accomplish with our patent applications.” Marius Kvinge – CEO – Femte Inc.

“Trent services small businesses better than the more traditional patent lawyers I have worked with in two significant ways. First, in addition to protecting the concept in question, Trent looks at your product’s market/industry and helps you grab the biggest slice of intellectual property possible.  Trent also shares the same entrepreneurial spirit that drives many of his clients, which streamlines the entire process. ” – Paul Tusting – CEO – Brink Design Group LLC

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